Everleaf is a drinks brand. We come in bottles - ones that we spent a long time choosing for their natural shape and feel. We ship those bottles to you, our customers, in boxes. Again, we took our time getting these to look and feel right for us, whilst using the minimum amount of cardboard to protect the bottles.
We hope that you like them as much as we do, and that they take you on an extra journey through the story of Everleaf before you get to the Forest / Mountain / Marine liquid within.

Once all is said and done though, the Spritzes drunk and the flavours savoured, you are fundamentally left with empty packaging. As it stands, we’re not yet able to get Everleaf to you any other way (we’re looking at options, trust me!). 
We are doing what we can. We’re conducting a product lifecycle assessment at the moment with Climate Partner, assessing our carbon use so we can minimise this where possible, and offset where not (our targets are to be carbon neutral by the end of this year, and net zero by 2025). 

You can of course recycle that cardboard and glass. That’s easily done for both, and who knows, they might end up back in another one of your Everleaf bottles or boxes in the future (we’d like to imagine so!). We’re pretty sure you’re all over that already though, so instead we thought we’d give you some upcycling ideas in case you’re feeling creative and would like to make a little more out of your “waste”. Here are some of our ideas, from the straightforward to the rather more unusual…

Please share yours with us if you have any good ones – just tag @everleafdrinks wherever you choose to post.

Entry Level

We love our bottles. They’re rounded (there's not many straight sides in nature), fit the curve of your hand, and are easy to pour from and work with behind the bar. When they’re empty though, their low centre of gravity and stability makes them great for flowers, fresh or dried. Soak the label to remove, and you’ve also got a blank canvas to decorate with marker, acrylics, or even stick on some dried autumnal leaves! 


Our single and triple-shipper boxes are designed to be strong (you’ve seen those clips of couriers delivering in a hurry, right?). They’re also just the right size for windowsills (singles) or shelves (triples). They can be lined with baking parchment, filled with soil and used as seed trays and planters. Everleaf-to-leaves. Perfect!



One of our favourite Instagram accounts belongs to @botanygeek. We’ve had the great pleasure of working with James on Everleaf things before, but what keeps us coming back to his feed (aside from the plant conservation things of course) are the terrariums. We may be biased, but we think Everleaf bottles make the perfect microbiomes for your botanical creations! 


We thought we’d end with a slightly more random use for an Everleaf box…
The island of Vestmannaeyjar off the south coast of Iceland is home to the biggest colony of puffins in Europe. At the end of the summer, the young pufflings fledge, launching themselves off the cliffs and out to sea, but some are confused by the lights of the town, and find themselves flopping down on the roads instead of water. The locals come to their rescue, and for a few days a year, pop them in boxes overnight, before taking them to the rescue centre and launching them from the cliffs (in the right direction) the following morning.
Team Everleaf happened to be popping up in Vestmannaeyjar to make some drinks at the incredible Slippurinn restaurant earlier this year. Towards the end of the shift, these guys arrived asking if we had a spare box for their new arrival, we were only too happy to help!

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