Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

Some commitments from us this Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day – a day when many brands, including us, are vocalising what they’re doing to support a healthy future for our planet. The theme of Earth Day this year is “investing in our planet”, so here’s what we’ll be doing to invest, as well as some of our wider sustainability commitments, as every day should be Earth Day!

Firstly, we’ll be giving all our website proceeds on Earth Day to our charity partner, Fauna & Flora International (charity number 1011102) as part of our 1% For The Planet commitment. We’ve donated over £6,000 to them so far this year, and with your help, we hope to quickly grow that number. 

We have chosen FFI as that’s where I used to work as a conservation biologist, and because we believe in their mission to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide. They also work across all our biomes, from forests to mountains and marine environments. 

Secondly, we’ve just signed up to Business for Nature's Call to Action, recognising that our future needs to be both net-zero and nature-positive. This calls on governments to adopt ambitious nature policies such as a commitment to protect 30% of the world’s surface by 2030, one of the proposals put forward at the Convention on Biological Diversity, Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to be held later this year in China. 

These are two specific things we’re doing this week, but they are part of our wider commitments around sustainability that include:

How we source our ingredients – our actions
How we work – our commitments
Giving back – advocacy and support

    This year we are going through assessments for B-Corporation and Fairtrade status, and we have committed to being carbon neutral by the end of 2022 (offsetting through nature-positive solutions where we can’t reduce). We have a longer-term goal to reach net zero by 2025.

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    Everleaf Forest Spritz

    Everleaf Forest Spritz

    We’re committed to promoting the conservation of plant biodiversity, but the other part of our mission is to make non-alcoholic products inspired by and derived from the natural world which are as good as the best alcoholic ones. First and foremost, we want to make delicious drinks! 

    With that in mind, we’d like to invite you to join us in raising a glass this Earth Day. Team Everleaf will all be having a Forest Spritz at aperitivo hour - 5pm UK time - closing our eyes for a moment to transport ourselves to the natural world!

    Everleaf Forest Spritz

    50ml Everleaf Forest. 150ml Light Tonic. Plenty of ice and a slice of orange.



    The 8th May is Sir David Attenborough’s 96th birthday. He’s also the vice-president of Fauna & Flora International, and through Thankbox, you can send him a birthday message and donate to FFI at the same time – we have! See their link here:

    Cheers! Paul

    1% for the planet Earth Day 2022

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