World Cocktail Day 2022

World Cocktail Day 2022

Celebrating the Cocktail and all its forms!

There are two sides to Everleaf – the plants, botany & conservation side, and the flavour, texture & aroma side – the botanicals and the bars. The two are inextricably linked, but this post leans very heavily to the drinks side!  

World Cocktail Day: May 13th

Today is World Cocktail Day, marking the anniversary of the first published definition of a cocktail - May 13th 1806 - in The Balance and Columbian Repository, a New York newspaper. Do look up the full thing if you’re interested (apparently, they render the heart stout!), but the essentials are that a cocktail should contain spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.
In that respect, I suppose you could call our Everleaf flavours cocktails in their own right – we use all those things – distilled ingredients, bitter macerations and infusions, water and a touch of sugar to balance it all out, but Everleaf is also a cocktail component.
In its simplest form, we always recommend serving 1 part Everleaf to 3 parts light tonic as a spritz. However, the complex flavours of our three varieties absolutely lend themselves to experimentation, whether it’s pulling out the soft chamomile or bright fennel notes from Forest, the spicy immortelle or sweet strawberry from Mountain, or the savoury olive and thyme from Marine. There’s a lot to discover if you play around!

Discover our favourite Everleaf Creations

So to celebrate World Cocktail Day, check out some of our recipes on the website here, or have a look at the incredible entries in our recent Spritz Competition on instagram here.
Please also check out a couple of cocktail-making videos shot recently at the amazing TT Liquor in London, who run their Mixology Events at their Shoreditch bar, but also do them virtually, or in person at the place of your choosing! Check out their page here for all the details.

Forest Gimlet

Non-Alcoholic Everleaf Forest Gimlet

Mountain Spritz

Non-Alcoholic Everleaf Mountain Spritz


Visit an Everleaf Stockist!

We can also wholeheartedly recommend asking for an Everleaf creation in one of the many brilliant bars that stock Everleaf, some of which are here (but by no means all)!
However you choose to celebrate the cocktail today, we hope Everleaf gives you a chance to do it with everything but the alcohol!

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